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Meaning of Kaiyoh

At the modern science, it is suspected that the being which consists life was born in the sea of the earth.

And it was made possible because it accepted the shine of the sun which is in adequate distance.

Accordingly, "Kaiyoh" is a formed word and keeps the meaning of "life" or "spirit".

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 We would provide the information for continueing "Life" or the essential information of "Inochi(*)".
 Also we would make various proposals for fundamental ways to achive the ideal society and are going to practice.
 We would appreciate it if you could join and cooperate with us.
  * the way of the will in the universe


 We can tell that it is a period when we are going to peak materials science thoroughly.
 However with, because of being generated the unbalance of this material civilization and moral culture, we are trying to destroy the globe where we live on.
 Because of this, we have extreemly high stresses so call out our mind, especially our moral collapse.

1.Then, in connection with the stress, please relax it through receiving our healing which consists of various being's energy.
2.By this token, we should remove the stigma of our heart that has occured by the stress taked untill now by "Cleaning of Spirit" and you shall have it clean.
3.Over again, we whould seek concrete solusions on the political issues most closely related our daily life.
4.Particuraly, for the stress grows worse we become selfish and our heart becomes the state where even oneself should be good, so we act upon administrations continuously as to be able to nurse symbiosis consciousness.

<The functions and contents adressing of the Kaiyoh Center>
The Kaiyoh Center Toward the continuation of things that has life and the realization of World Peace, we are fulfilling the following performance.
The Association for World Peace We will practice "Cleaning of Spirit" and fix the basis of World Peace. Kindly you should refer to “Practice of Purification by Light to Abandon the Enforcement of the New World Order by the Men of Power of the Darkness (Reporting)”.
The Treatment Center Kaiyoh Syn.,the Holly Spirit the treating mansion. We perform many treatments using the energy of the light (=love) inviting the Holly Spirit as the elder.
The Kaiyoh Alchemy Laboratory We are performing the examination of the field that had been practiced traditionally as Alchemy in several ancient civilizations and is said to have been originated the modern chemistry.
The Kaiyoh Research Room I study for the health, the happiness and the peace of the being that has life or spirit. Please refer to the memoir.

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