(remarks1)The each dimension indicates the difference of density.
  The 8th dimension: qi in spirit
  The 7th dimension: the spiritual vapor
  The 6th dimension: liquid in spirit
  The 5th dimension: solid in spirit
  The 4th dimension: qi (vapor of vapor)
  The 3rd dimension: vapor
  The 2nd dimension: liquid
  The 1st dimension: solid

(remarks2)The spiritual world is an entity.

Please make use of the Healing which

the high dimensional existences including the Holly Spirit

used freely several treatments with light (=love).

The Treatment Center Kaiyoh (Top)

1. Object
(1). In this Treatment Center, the high dimensional existences including the Holly Spirit practice the Healing which they used freely several treatments with light (=love).

(2). On above mentioned thing, you shall prepare for the ascension that will occur from now by which you may deepen understanding for the spiritual existence and lift up your consciousness.

2. Explanation
(1). Healing will be done using freely the cure (treatment, remedy, therapy) which used power and energy of high dimensional light (=love) by the Holly Spirit's services.

(2).Auto Frequency Adjustment that rectifies the frequency of the body by Dr. Rife, Auto Trivector Adjustment that rectifies volts, amperes, resistances, disposition of water, disposition of oxygen, Auto Acupuncture Therapy and Meridian Point Therapy that does the Acupuncture with Electron, Mental Neural Language Programming Interface Therapy, Auto Scalar Therapy that adjusts each Chakra, Auto Color Therapy, Vertebrae Therapy and others will be done as therapies.

(3).Measurement and correction will be done as the root of the theories of Homeopathic Medicine (Homeotherapy).

(4).The existence and the services of the Holly Spirit are the fact that was recognized as the spiritual science and he is not the religious existence by the explanation of the already known religious organization.

(5).Negative energies exert harmful influences on health and, though these existences are having been recognized as the scientific fact, those do not become general, so please deepen your understandings by all means.

(6). The above are mainly the cases that Quantum Xrroid(abbreviation: QX) was used as the healing facility and healing by Replicator, Natural Qigong and Tenkuu-rikihou-mugenshu will be used together in addition.

3. Staff
(1). The head of Center: the Holly Spirit (Honourable Robert)
(2). Healer (operator): Hamano, Yasuhisa

 We welcome to your utilization.

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